Coda File System

newbie question 4

From: tin <>
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 04:35:44 +0800
thank you very much jan
sorry make you trouble again

i will study hard on your Coda File System User and System Administrators

but i still have one thing not understand,
if i using single coda server environment,
when rootvolume full, how to add a new hard drive mount more space for store
my data file
look like this sda2 ,sda3 ,sda5

 hda2 RootandUser File System / 650MB Yes
      hda5 Var file system /var 100MB Yes
      hda3 Vice File System /vice 300MB Yes
      hdc1 RVM Log Not 12MB No
      sda1 RVM Data Not 130MB No
      sda2 Coda FS Data0 /vicepa 1.6GB Yes
      sda3 Coda FS Data1 /vicepb 1.6GB Yes
      sda5 Coda FS Data2 /vicepc 1.6GB Yes

thank you

Received on 2001-05-11 16:36:20