Coda File System


From: David Pettersson <>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 12:07:16 +0200

I have finally got a working setup (wee! ;), and everything seems to be
working fine (although I find myself taking backups every five minutes).

However, there is one thing that I cannot get running properly, and that is
mail delivery using procmail. procmail keeps on complaining that it cannot
read the .procmailrc file in my home directory, which is quite strange.
AFAIK, procmail is run as the user it is delivering to, and such the tokens
acquired should be valid for procmail to. But apparently not. Not even when
I run procmail 'manually' (ie, formail -s procmail < /var/spool/mail/dave),
can it read .procmailrc.

Anyone got a clue why? (Note that it is even possible to login as eg frank
and cat the .procmailrc.)

David Pettersson <>
GnuPG public key available
SD: [-30]6472.08
Received on 2001-04-12 06:10:04