Coda File System

Volume mounting problem

From: Emmanuel Varagnat <>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 20:08:53 +0200
I setup 4 machines as servers.

1) first install the SCM
2) edit servers, VSGDB, and vicetab as follow:

joyeux:/vice/db# cat VSGDB
E0000100 joyeux
E0000101 simplet
E0000102 grincheux
E0000103 atchoum
E0000201 joyeux simplet
E0000202 grincheux atchoum

joyeux:/vice/db# cat servers 
joyeux          1
simplet         2
grincheux       3
atchoum         4

joyeux:/vice/db# cat vicetab
joyeux    /vicepa   ftree   width=64,depth=3
simplet   /vicepa   ftree   width=64,depth=3
grincheux /vicepa   ftree   width=64,depth=3
atchoum   /vicepa   ftree   width=64,depth=3

3) Then I installed coda server on each non-SCM machines.
4) And I created users with my own script

I play with quotas, to see that I can create a file bigger than
the quota limit, but I'm not allow to create another file file
the quota is exceeded.

So I'm trying to play on the client with a script that create 100ko
file each second with random file name.
After a while, the client and one server crashed.
I ran 'venus -init' and it said me that there a server-server conflict.
As It seems that I couldn't repair it, I removed the user and it's
1) cfs rmm the_mountpoint
2) pdbtool d my_user
3) purgevol_rep users.my_user

And I recreated it :o)
But then, I got this:
lrw-r--r--    1 codaadm  nogroup        15 Mar 27 20:02 pottier ->

I read that I must run and volutil makevrdb on the SCM.
I got that:

Fetching /vice/vol/Volumelist from joyeux
V_BindToServer: binding to host joyeux
VLDB completed.
joyeux:/vice/db# volutil makevrdb /vice/vol/VRList 
V_BindToServer: binding to host joyeux
VRDB completed.

But the VRDB and VLDB file on simplet doesn't seem to be updated.

I got this error on a previous installation try.

2 questions more:
1) Is there an equivalent for 'volutil -h host getvolumelist' now ?
   I found that in the mailing list
2) vicetab doesn't appear in the /vice/db/files, but I read that it
   must be populated on each servers. Is it right ?

If anybody can help me... (Help me Jan :o)


Received on 2001-03-26 13:13:08