Coda File System

VERY Big Coda server

From: Andrea Cerrito <>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 11:50:41 +0100
Hi to all

I'm trying to setup a big coda server to serve webserver & mailserver files.
The project consist of:

2 Netfinity 5500 as webservers
2 Netfinity 3500 as mailservers (just pop3)
2 Netfinity 5500 as coda servers
Qmail 1.03 as mailserver (Maildir)
Apache 1.3.17 as webserver
Coda 5.3.12 as fileserver

The scenario:

/coda/apache on webservers contains confs, htdocs, cgi-bin, meanwhile
binaries, libexec, etcs are still locals (ie: /usr/local/apache;
/coda/qmail on mailservers contains confs, maildirs, and so on, meanwhile
binaries, etcs are still locals (ie: /usr/local/qmail;
/vicepa on fileservers contains two volumes, about 50gb each with apache and
qmail files.

I saw the maximum rvm data size was 1Gb (EXPERIMENTAL :) in vice-setup-rvm,
so (rvm = 4% volume) I thought the max /vicepa size was 25Gb.

My questions are:

1) Can I set up a rvm data size of about 2Gb? If so, is there a formula to
calc. the heap size? I saw that there is no math formula between rvm sizes
(but 22M -> 44M).
2) What about mmap? For a 1Gb / 2Gb of rvm, is preferred a file mapped? I
have 2Gb of RAM on fileservers, but I have to run 2 volumes of 50gb each...
3) Having two servers with 50 gb volume each is preferred instead of having
just one with 100 gb of data?
4) Is a problem having rvm of 1 gb on 100Gb of data? What are the
limitations on that?

Please help, this is driving me crazy :)
Cordiali saluti / Best regards
Andrea Cerrito
admin @ Centro MultiMediale di Terni SpA
P.zzale Bosco 1A
05100 Terni IT
Tel. 0744 / 5441330
Fax. 0744 / 5441372
Received on 2001-02-21 05:52:54