Coda File System

Newbie Qs on possible setup

From: Christian Haul <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 10:41:02 +0100

After reading the manuals I'm not sure if I could tackle my problem
with coda. Perhaps you could give me some comments on my planned

There are two networks, only occasionally connected through a modem

    Network W is my work environment (Solaris 7), homes are on NFS
    shares. Admin is friendly but I won't be allowed to touch the NFS
    configuration. Some Linux workstations.
    Network H is my home environment (Linux), basically just one computer.
    My laptop L (Linux, 20GB / 256MB) is mostly connected to W, sometimes
    to H and sometimes offline. 
    Now I'd like to have my home (~500MB) on H, W, L to be in sync. I
    don't want to remove my home from NFS since I need to access it
    occasionally from several Solaris and Linux boxes at work.

My first idea was to have a SCM on the laptop and replication servers
on W and H. Since I'll be the only one editing files I don't expect
many server-server conflicts.

Will I be able to export a NFS share with coda, i.e. have
server:/home/foo as /vicepa?

Will replication & synchronization work as expected (i.e. seamlessly)?

Are there other, better suited tools for this you know of?


Received on 2001-02-16 04:44:08