Coda File System

podfuk uservfs close problem

From: K. Leif D. Van Horn <>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 10:23:53 -0700
This concerns Linux 2.4.1 coda and podfuk/uservfs (which uses /dev/cfs0)
to "mount" Zope ftp server contents.  Everything seems to work with
the filesystem as far as lookups, reads, and writes.  The close system
call seems to not propagate error state to my applications.

The way I see it, I should be able to write a message to the
coda device (/dev/cfs0) at the end of the upcall.  This message
contains the outputArgs union with result set to -1.  The application
never sees close return a error status.  Here is a example
perl script:

open(W, '>> /Net/overlay/#ftp:demo:pass_at_zserver:8021/index_html') 
        or die "open: $!\n";
print W "<dtml-if>\n" or die "print: $!\n";
close W or die "close: $!\n";

The script completes without a problem, but the server rejects
the appending of data due to a parse error.  The close() call
is where I think this error should be propagated.

Thanks for any help,
Leif Van Horn
Kaivo, Inc.
Received on 2001-02-13 12:24:09