Coda File System

cfs flushcache .. what to use to flush venus contents to server?

From: Brad Clements <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 14:58:10 -0500
I created a new replicated volume, mounted it, and have written about 15 
large files to a subdir on that volume from client B

on client A I can see the files, but they all have 0 length (client A is the 

on client C, same problem

on B, I see the files and they have the correct length.

cfs lc on B shows the files in the cache.

cfs lc on A or C also shows the files in the cache, but with 0 length.

cfs lv <dir> on client B shows current blocks used 15, but it should be 
much more.

I tried cfs disconnect, .. wait for 'disconnected', then cfs reconnect and 
cfs checkservers ..

still it seems that all my data is in B's cache and hasn't been written 
back to the server.

Client B has a 40meg venus cache, all others have a 20meg cache.

Am I doing something wrong? 


Also, cfs lv says "write-back disabled"

cfs has several write-back options, but the cfs man page doesn't list 
what they do. Where can I find more information about 

cfs dasr, cfs easr, cfs wd, cfs wr, cfs wbstart, wb stop and wbauto??

cfs wb or cfs wbstart gives "resource not available"


Also I'm seeing a lot of Cache Overflow on the B client . this is before 
writing data to the volume, I was just reading from another volume..

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