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Re: Still wrestling clog, local login only - lotsa logs, no errors found

From: Brad Clements <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 14:59:57 -0500
Hi Jan, been hoping you'd show up.. ;-)

On 22 Jan 2001, at 14:45, Jan Harkes wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 22, 2001 at 02:17:30PM -0500, Brad Clements wrote:
> ...
> > [bkc_at_eiger include]$ ls /coda
> > ls: /coda: Permission denied
> I suspect you might have removed all permissions for System:AnyUser from
> the root directory of the root-volume.

This is RedHat Linux 7 system.

I installed coda client 5.3.11 and connected to testserver okay

I then installed the server components, vice-setup according to the 
directions.. Then brought up auth2.init, update.init and codasrv.init

I then re-ran venus-setup and venus -init &

Previously I had *had* an older version of the coda client installed. I un-
installed it (RPM) before installing the 5.3.11 client.

I suspect its a server problem, since the client will talk to the testserver.

> In that case, clog is denied access to the `magic control file'
> /coda/.CONTROL, which is needs to pass aquired tokens to venus.

I can't see how I removed any permissions, since I only followed the 
install steps.

I can't see anything in /coda anyway, even as root..

> > Fid 7f000000
> > 
> > But root volume is 1000001
> > 
> > Does that matter?
> Ehh, did you create a replicated volume with createvol_rep? In that case


> 7f000000 sounds ok for the volumeid of the replicated volume, which is a
> logical volume spanning one or more volume replicas. And 1000001 is the one
> replica that stores the data for the 7f000000 volume.

Okay, wasn't sure.

> > SrvLog
> > 
> > (something looks fishy here)
> What? it looks fine.

The "No Inodes" message looked strange to me.

>     Did you happen to do a `cfs sa /coda System:AnyUser none'?


>     Which version of the coda client and server are you using.

5.3.11 both

>     Which kernel version are you running? (even though I don't think it is
>     kernel related)

Linux version 2.2.16-22 ( 

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