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clog : local login only, could not contact venus

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 13:12:02 +0900
>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Clements <> writes:

    Brad> I have my server up and running, I had had venus setup with
    Brad> the cmu test server.

    Brad> I ran

    Brad> venus-setup 20000

    Brad> Then venus -init

Check the logs for this.

    Brad> Local login only, could not contact venus

    Brad> [root_at_eiger]# cfs cs
    Brad> Contacting servers .....
    Brad>   VIOCCKSERV: Permission denied

Either venus isn't running (which is what happened the last time I saw
this) or ...

    Brad> Do I need to install the fs module in a Red Hat 7 server?

Some distros do not seem to have char-major-67 aliased to coda, so the
module won't get auto-loaded.  grep coda /etc/conf.modules.  (Warning,
you probably should not edit that file directly.  On Debian at least
it's consed up out of a bunch of subfiles and I think this is a
general Linux facility).

Do lsmod, if you don't see `coda' in the list, try modprobe coda,
lsmod again just to be sure, and then try clog and cfs.  If the module
is in and venus is running but you still can't talk to venus, try
restarting venus.

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