Coda File System

rds_zap_heap fails during vice-setup

From: Brad Clements <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 17:16:24 -0500
I'm using raw partitions for rvm log and data on RH 7.. any ideas?

WARNING: DATA and LOG partitions are about to be wiped.

  --- log area: /dev/hdc2, size 2M.
  --- data area: /dev/hdc1, size 130M.

Proceed, and wipe out old data? [y/n] y

LOG file has been initialized!

Rdsinit will initialize data and log.
This takes a while.
rvm_initialize succeeded.
Going to initialize data file to zero, could take awhile.
?  ERROR: rds_zap_heap RVM_EINTERNAL.
Your coda server is not completely setup.  You will need
set it up by hand or fix the problems and rerun /usr/sbin/vice-setup.

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Received on 2001-01-21 17:11:49