Coda File System

inconsistencies of venus

From: Ivo Vollrath <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 22:51:58 +0100

after having solved the problem with volume creation (many thanks
to Jan Harkes for the patch) I have trouble with venus (at least 
I think that venus is the problem):

When I move huge amounts of data from a local drive to a coda 
volume, I get inconsistencies with the coda server.  My local
venus cache is about 100M large but the data I am moving is
larger (e.g. an installation directory of StarOffice).
It seems that the inconsistencies do not occur when I disable
write-back caching (by saying "cfs writereconnect").

Here is a command that produces inconsistencies:

[/opt]# mv StarOffice5.2/* /coda/opt/i386_linux/StarOffice5.2
(where /coda/opt/i386_linux/StarOffice5.2 is a coda volume)

For now, I can live with write-back caching disabled, but 
perhaps someone knows another nifty patch that solves the problem?

Btw: should I fetch the current CVS version of coda (I did not
dare this, yet) or should I better wait for the next official 

For reference, here is my configuration again:
PIII-500MHz, 256MB
Linux Mandrake 7.2 with Kernel 2.4.0-ac1 and devfs aktivated.
I do not use any raw partitions for coda.
The machine that runs the (only) server also is the only client

Many thanks,

Received on 2001-01-05 16:54:37