Coda File System

Re: How to "rebuild" a server ?

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 12:26:30 -0500
Hi Petr,

Recreating the volumes with the same replicated and replica id's using
volutil create_rep should be the correct method.

fi. If I had a replicated volume:

volumename	replicated volume-id
repvol 		7f000492

replicated across the following volume replicas:

servername	replica-name	replica-id
server1		repvol.0	c900007a
server2		repvol.1	dd000077
server3		repvol.2	c7000077

(this information can be gathered from the /vice/vol/VRList on the SCM)

Then, if server1 dies and is rebuilt I would issue the following command
to restore the group:

    volutil -h server1 create_rep /vicepa repvol.0 7f000492 c900007a

If you did this and assertions still trigger, I'm very interested in
what assertion that is. Even better would be a stacktrace. To get that,
start the server with:

    startserver -zombify &

Let it trigger the assertion at which point the server will freeze and
then attach gdb:

    gdb codasrv `pidof codasrv`
    gdb> bt
    gdb> q

On Thu, Dec 28, 2000 at 08:25:01PM +0100, Petr Tuma wrote:
> Hello,
> what is the correct procedure to rebuild a replicated volume on one of 
> three servers that happened to crash and loose data ? I tried just 
> creating the volume with the same ID anew, and at first it looked like 
> the server will obtain the data from the other two. After a while, 
> however, it always crashes with an assertion ...
> Petr Tuma
Received on 2001-01-02 12:26:59