Coda File System

Extreme Newbie questions

From: Kelly Corbin <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 13:29:39 -0600
I'm new to the list and wanted to ask some questions about Coda to gauge 
peoples personal experiences with it.

1.  How stable is it?  Do you have problems with data corruption at all?

2.  What about other DFSs?  Has anyone used anything else and how does 
it compare to Coda.

3.  Is Coda what I'm looking for?  I'm trying to replicate data on web 
servers but I need 100% data integrity.  Is another application (maybe 
other than a DFS) better suited for this?

4.  How does Coda run on Linux?  I know it has been supported in the 
kernel for quite some time, but does it run better on other OSs?

Thanks for your patience with my newbieness.
I would appreciate an input anyone may have as I am entering new 
territory here.



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