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Re: Strange things.

From: Corey R. Halpin <>
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:19:36 -0600
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  There was a file in /vicepa/0/1/28.  It was binary data, or junk.. not sure 
  I couldn't get the server to restart after moving it.
  I reinitialized everything, and restored the partition from a backups.

  I had heard rumors of file corruption under linux 2.4.0-test11, which as I 
think about it, I was running at the time the server started to be antisocial.
  I'll watch the logs more closely to see if this happens again, but at the 
moment, I'm chalking it up to a corrupted file.
  I do have the log files leading up to this, would you like me to go through 
them for anything?


> On Wed, Dec 13, 2000 at 06:10:00PM -0600, Corey R. Halpin wrote:
> >   I've been running coda on my box for several weeks no.  With no change in 
> > the server software, and no restart, I find that the server has died, and will 
> > not restart.
> >   When I try to restart it, I find funny things in the logs.
> > 
> > 17:47:26 f_icreate: bitmap free at 103, inode 104 exists!
> Ouch, this is not nice at all, the /vicepa partition has gotten some
> kind of corruption, the FTREEDB file that keeps track of free
> containerfiles seems to be disagreeing with what container files are
> actually there.
> > 17:47:26 Vnode 0x1000001.ce.88 incorrect inode - Correcting
> > 
> > 17:47:26 f_icreate: bitmap free at 103, inode 104 exists!
> There should be a file /vicepa/0/1/28, move it out of the way and the
> server might possibly be able to come back up. Check the file's
> contents, it is either a deleted file, or it is lost contents for
> some other file.

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