Coda File System

Re: problems with coda and 2.4 linux kernels

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 23:12:43 -0500
On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 05:26:36PM -0800, Joseph Cheek wrote:
> hello,
> we are attempting to create a venus-like file cache manager for coda,
> based on podfuk
> [] and can't
> get it to work on linux kernel version 2.4.0-test10.  the same code
> works fine on linux kernel 2.2.15.  the error received is that the cache
> manager can't open /dev/cfs0.  here is a brief outline of how our
> solution works:
> - we create /dev/cfs0 [mknod /dev/cfs0 c 67 5], chmod a+rw

On Linux, /dev/cfs0 should be made using: mknod /dev/cfs0 c 67 0, or 
'cd /dev ; ./MAKEDEV cfs0'

It used to work with minor 5 only because the kernel module didn't
support multiple mountpoints and didn't check for the correct minor

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