Coda File System

strange venus problem

From: Christian Ospelkaus <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 08:36:50 +0100

I am new to Coda and playing a little bit with it. I use plain
linux-2.2.17 with the reiserfs patch. I have downloaded coda-5.3.10 and
compiled it. I use the coda-module from my kernel. After installation, I

venus-setup 20000
venus &

cd'ing to /coda, I can see files, remove files and make directories. But
as soon as I do something like

echo "hello, coda" >testfile

I get a lot of activity on my disk, after a while, my filesystem is 100%
full (in /usr/coda/venus.cache/00) and I have to killall -9 venus. This
also happens if I setup my own server, and it happens both with
coda-5.3.9 and coda-5.3.10. I therefore think that there must be
something wrong with my kernel module. I tried to build a new one (using
linux-coda-5.2.3-linux2.2.9.tgz; I found nothing newer), make config
tells me:

Your module utilities are version 2.3.11.
Your module utilities are too old for this kernel!
    To fix, upgrade to at least version .
make: *** [config] Error 1

2.3.11 should be fairly recent !?

Any help is welcome. Best regards,

Received on 2000-11-27 02:38:56