Coda File System

newbie question time

From: Simon Josefsson <>
Date: 25 Oct 2000 18:09:05 +0200
Hi, I'm checking out if coda could be useful for me (as I did some
year ago, but I had different needs then), and I've some minor
comments and questions.  I'm installing 5.3.10 rpms on a i386 redhat
linux 7 system.

First some kudos: the package look very professional, and so does the
documentation.  The client worked out of the box against
testserver.coda.cs.cmu.du, which impressed me.

* the scripts add stuff to /etc/conf.modules, ideally it should try
  /etc/modules.conf first (if it exist).

* `vice-setup-rvm' didn't work because it didn't find
  `/usr/sbin/rvmutl'.  Shouldn't it be part of the coda-server rpm?

* what's the status of Coda behind NAT devices?  I got coda-client to
  work fine on a clean redhat7 box, but another box with
  linux-2.4.0-test9 behind a NAT device printed the following.  I'm
  not sure whether it's related to 2.4.0t9 or NAT though...

17:37:05 /usr/coda/LOG size is 1321908 bytes
17:37:05 /usr/coda/DATA size is 5287632 bytes
17:37:05 Initializing RVM data...
17:37:06 ...done
17:37:06 Loading RVM data
17:37:06 starting VDB scan
17:37:06        1 volume replicas
17:37:06        0 replicated volumes
17:37:06        0 CML entries allocated
17:37:06        0 CML entries on free-list
17:37:06 starting FSDB scan (2083, 50000) (25, 75, 4)
17:37:06        0 cache files in table (0 blocks)
17:37:06        2083 cache files on free-list
17:37:06 starting HDB scan
17:37:06        0 hdb entries in table
17:37:06        0 hdb entries on free-list
17:37:06 MarinerInit: socket bind failed                  <--- ?
17:37:07 Initial LRDB allocation
17:37:07 Getting Root Volume information...
17:37:23 Venus starting...
17:37:24 /coda now mounted.
[root_at_barbar src]# cd /coda/
[root_at_barbar /coda]# ls
17:38:00 nak'ed
17:38:31 nak'ed
17:39:06 nak'ed
17:39:06 MaxRetries exceeded...returning EWOULDBLOCK
ls: .: Resource temporarily unavailable
Received on 2000-10-25 12:25:45