Coda File System

Planning Kerberos+Coda and Samba as a Gateway.

From: Philippe LelÚdy <>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 21:04:12 +0200 (CEST)
I'm planning from scratch network and computer usage for our school (3000
students 11-20 years old).
I'd like using a central Kerberos and Coda group of servers for making  
home directories ubiquitious. 

Because of 200 MB cache limit in Coda, I don't how to share /usr/bin.
Have I to plan using NFS for that ?

I don't know what will be the workstations.
If they were MacOS X or UNIX, no problem, but I think we will have also
MS WIN workstations because it's so difficult to explain it's a wrong
choice. For them, I think of Samba as a gateway between a SMB-only world,
and an efficient UNIX world (Kerberos+Coda) since I've read a mail from
Terry McCoy telling how simple it is to use Samba as a gateway between WIN
workstations and AFS-Kerberos through the use of PAM in the Samba server.

I'd appreciate some advice about this project.

Another question, will I have to use NIS, for not having 3000 users
registred  in each UNIX workstation or Samba server.

Merci (=thanks). 	
Received on 2000-10-18 15:11:02