Coda File System

Coda in a small web server cluster

From: Adam Hunt <>
Date: 2 Oct 00 17:34:42 PDT
I am setting up a small high availibility web server cluster (2-3 servers
initilally).  I would like to use Coda but I am confused on a few points. 
Because I only plan on having two to three web servers to start it is hard to
justify two more servers to act as dedicated Coda servers.  So I would like to
make each of the three web servers Coda servers also.  I am a little lost when
it comes to the relationship between the web services (Apache, php, etc.) and
the Coda cell.  Are the web servers going to be required to obtain security
tokens to access the Coda volumes?

Any pointers would be appreciated.



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Received on 2000-10-02 20:37:19