Coda File System

Coda and realvideo

From: Michel APPLAINCOURT <>
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 18:18:36 +0200 (Europe de l'Ouest (Heure d'été))
Hi, I am newbie to coda, so I guess I can ask the coda gurus on the
list... :o)

I want a realvideo server to access a distributed file system storage (for
fault tolerance and distribute the disk space used).

One question is can I do it with coda?

How does coda behave with big files? Does ocda have to get the all file
locally before accessing it or can it start reading beafore all the file
is local (hte mean of this question is : what will happen if the server 
ask for a very big file (guess 100Mbps) to play? will it have to wait that
all the file is local or not?)

second question : Will I be able to access files generated by "live
realvideo"? Those files are opened files, but not closed (pipe files).
What will happen with coda? will the server be able to access it?
If I have two server accessing coda, will they be able to access that


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