Coda File System

User home directory in /coda

From: Nguyen Dang Phuoc Dong <>
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 13:39:43 +0700
Hi there,

Suppose a user has his home directory in /coda. To use home directory the
user must first log into the system and issue clog command to log into coda
system. Therefore, the user must has telnet or rlogin privileges.

Unfortunately, there are 99% accounts on my system are POP and FTP accounts.
They don't have telnet or rlogin privileges. They just use an email client
to send/recieve their mails or they could use any FTP client to upload their
personal web site. Is there any solution?



Phuong Nam Net.
System Administrator
Received on 2000-08-09 04:59:01