Coda File System

Authentication problems

From: Kyle Sheumaker <>
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 16:16:01 -0500
I'm new to coda, and having a few problems.  I have version 5.3.8 on
both the client and server.  I tried to use cpasswd but no matter what
user I have a token for, or what argument I give cpasswd I always get
"bind failed; user unauthenticated" the same thing happens on the
client.  Is this a known bug, or do I have something setup wrong?

I also have a problem when using "au cp" to change passwords on the
client.  I have tried logging in with the admin user or a regular user
and always get "RPC2_Bind() -->  RPC2_NOBINDING (F)."  I even tried the
-h option, still dosen't work.  If I do an "au cp" on the server it
works great, no problems.  What am I doing wrong?

-- Kyle
Received on 2000-08-01 17:32:34