Coda File System

An Apology

From: Dr A V Le Blanc <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 13:46:19 +0100

Recently I gave my Coda talk, which I have mentioned here, to a
group of Linux developers in London.  In this talk I have
explicitly stated that

     Coda is a project that began at CMU about 1987.

and I have said quite explicitly that I am a somewhat inexperienced
user who first got involved with Coda after it was announced publicly,
that I have been using it seriously only for about six months,
and that, while I have contributed patches for KTH Kerberos support,
I am not in any sense a Coda developer.  To my horror, I find the
following in an article published about the talk in LinuxWorld:

     Coda is a highly reliable network file system created
     by 20-year veteran systems administrator Owen LeBlanc.

Please understand that I have never claimed any credit for writing
Coda, and this is a complete misrepresentation of my talk.  The
original talk has been online in

since May 8, and I have been revising it recently to take into
account some at least of the improvements to Coda over the last
few months.  The talk as it stands now on the web is more or less
identical with the talk I gave in London; of course I did not
read it, but gave it from memory with the slides.  Since this
ridiculous claim was brought to my attention, I have added to
the text the sentence:

     The file system has been developed at CMU since then
     (i.e., 1987) by the systems group of M. Satyanarayanan.

I wish to assure everyone involved that I have never claimed to
have creater Coda, or to have played any significant role
whatsoever in developing it.  And I wish to apologise to the
Coda development team for being the occasion of this outrage,
which they in no way deserve.

     -- Owen

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