Coda File System

readonly replicated codaroot volume

From: Florin Grad <>
Date: 25 Jul 2000 12:45:54 +0200
Hello again,
Thank you very much for your previous answers...

but I still have some more questions:

right after the installation I created a codaroot volume with
creatvol_rep codaroot E0000100 /vicepa then I was asked for the backup,

So this created a read/write replicated volume which resides only on the
scm. (Well, this is already strange to have a replicated volume on a
single server). But in this case, if you turn off the scm, the clients complain:
"cannot find Root Volume" or something like that

But, according to the docs, and I agree with that, it's better to have a
readonly replicated rootvolume, so the non-scm servers can replace the scm
one if it crashes or if it's off.

so, sunlight is my scm:
[root_at_sunlight coda]# grep 100 /vice/db/VSGDB 
E0000100 sunlight

[root_at_sunlight coda]# grep root /vice/vol/VRList 
codaroot 7f000000 1 1000001 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 E0000100

so the volume id is E0000100 

Here is my error message

[root_at_sunlight coda]# volutil clone E0000100
V_BindToServer: binding to host sunlight
VolClone failed with Unknown RPC2 return code 103

Should one create a non-replicated root volume with volutil create ?
The createvol command the docs are talking about doesn't even exist
The right command will be volutil create /vicepa codaroot ?
But in this case how do we specify E0000100 ?

this might seem silly but it's not clear to me
Received on 2000-07-25 07:02:56