Coda File System

Re: unable to connect to internal server

From: Gus Scheidt <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 07:23:48 -0400
This looks like the same problem that I had a while back trying to run a
Coda server on RedHat 6.2.  I tried the rpm, and I also tried compiling
from source.  I was never able to get it running properly, and installed
instead on a RedHat 6.1 box.  The exact same procedure and configuration
worked just fine on 6.1.

--Gus Scheidt

"Bradley W. Langhorst" wrote:

> I have a coda client on my laptop and
> have no problem connecting to the
> testserver at cmu.
> However when i set up a codaserver on
> my local network i found that I am not able to connect.


> brad
> --
> Bradley W. Langhorst
> Scientific Programmer
> Whitehead Institute - Center for Genome Research
> email:
> tel:   617-252-1918
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