Coda File System

Replicating servers/SCM/cache size

From: Michael Sherman <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 16:58:35 -0400

Exploring the possibility of using Coda in a network of several clients
and a few redundant servers I have run into several potential issues, to

which I couldn't find answers in Coda documents. I will make my
questions as specific as possible. Any feedback will be greatly

1. Can SCM be moved from one server to another? Is SCM a single point of

failure in a Coda system? Can the rest of the system continue to operate

when SCM fails permanently? If so is there any data loss?

2. I have come across a few suggestions as to the size of the cache on
the client. They range from 20M to hundreds of megabytes. In my
particular case client disk size is limited. Will they be able to
operate with small caches (1 or 2 Meg)? Is it a requirement that a
single file must fit into the cache? Are there any consequences?

Received on 2000-07-20 17:19:25