Coda File System

Re: coda and mandrake 3

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 11:24:33 -0400
On Thu, Jul 20, 2000 at 01:20:53PM +0200, florin wrote:
> Hello there,
> some other silly questions for you experts:
> - can one use large iso images with coda ? I'm talking here about files
> of arount 700Mb. All my attempts ended with cache overflow, which is
> logical with a cache of maximum 300Mb, right ?

Yes, your client cache needs to be at least as big as the largest file
you want to handle.

> - how can one make a volume invisible for one user and visible for
> others ? the command cfs sa -negative user rl leads to symlinks, errors
> that is.

I don't think it is possible to make a volume invisible, only
`inaccessible'. How Coda currently reacts and how it is supposed to
react when a user does not have lookup rights for a directory is still
an under-developed area, so those errors are certainly expected at the

It is actually interesting to try and think of what we should do as a
result of different ACL settings. My current reading is:

    r - allow reading of files
    l - allow reading of directory contents (lookup)
    i - allow creation of new files/directories
    d - allow deletion of files/directories
    w - allow writing to existing files
    k - (unused, used to be locking in AFS)
    a - allow administrative actions, setting/deleting ACLs etc.

But should somebody who has only the `i' right be allowed to store the
data for the file he just created? Should `ridw' make the directory
invisible, but still allow creation/deletion/reading and overwriting of
existing files (which is difficult).

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