Coda File System


From: Jerry Jaskierny <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 13:41:47 -0500
i just realized how brief i was in my previous message.  :).  perhaps i should
be more specific.  i'm running redhat linux and i used the 5.3.8 rpm's.
i seem to be having a problem with my server.conf.  i don't have a
/etc/coda/server.conf .  i run "vice-setup".  it says "server.conf has not been
created.  shall i create on?".  "yes".  i give it my root directory.  this is
the following output afterwards.

Couldn't find /etc/coda/server.conf
Couldn't find /etc/coda/server.conf
Setting up /vice
Directories under /vice are setup

my "server.conf" was never created.  it wrote unable to find server.conf, so i
wondered if there was just a mistake with the vice-setup script.  i made an
attempt at trying to follow the script, but unfortunately, i'm rusty and was
uanble to read it.  thanks.  jerry
Received on 2000-07-17 14:29:17