Coda File System

Configuration for replicating servers

From: Guido Witmond <>
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 17:01:53 +0200
Hello Coda-fans,

I have some questions about configuring the coda-services to provide
replicating services.

The documentation is not clear to me:
- Your server needs a server number, to be added to the /vice/db/servers
  file ON THE SCM. 
No problem, srv1  1
            srv2  2

- Make two new entries in the /vice/db/VSGDB file. One for your new server
  by itself, one of the form: E0000104 scm-server second-server. 
I don't understand the 'One for your new server by itself' part here.
I don't know what volume address to use, as my 2nd server does not have
a root-volume of its own. Do I have to use the volume address of the
root of the SCM? Or do I have to use a fake number?

I also noticed that I cannot configure two clients to use the two
servers of one cell. When I start to pump data into the cell with 
cp -a /home/guido /coda/home/guido, the scm crashes and refuses to start up. 
Is this expected behaviour?

Please  help me out on this.

Thanks in advance, Guido.
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