Coda File System

RH62 client access problem

From: <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 16:36:30 -0600
Greetings.  I have a small problem with a RedHat 6.2 client, using the 5.3.7
client RPM.

I get the same client error when accessing both
and my local coda server.

On the client, it appears to be working, gets to "Venus starting...", gives
me the standard downcall message, and then quits with 
"Failure of coda_cname_make for root: error -110"

On the server, I get these lines in SrvLog, every time that I try to
reboot/restart venus on the client:
[included timestamps to show the failure time period]

16:15:18 Building callback conn.
16:15:18 RevokeWBPermit on conn xxxxxxxx returned -2016
16:15:18 No idle WriteBack conns, building new one
16:15:18 Writeback message to <IPAddr of client> port 2430 on conn xxxxxxx
16:21:00 Callback failed RPC2_DEAD (F) for ws <IPAddr of client>, port 2430
16:21:00 Unbinding RPC2 connection xxxxxxxxxx

Server is running coda-debug-server-5.3.7-1 and coda-debug-client-5.3.7-2,
and can mount /coda for reads/writes.

The separate client (the one with the problems!) is
coda-debug-client-5.3.7-2, and can't seem to mount /coda.

cmon from both the server to itself, and from the client to the server, both
report the same info, so it sure as heck looks like the client is talking to
the server....

I'm very new at Coda, so this has every chance of being a simple
configuration problem :>)

Any help on what I might be doing wrong?   I've been pouring over the HOWTO
and Manual for the last 4 hours and can't find anything that matches this
particular circumstance.


Doug Apel
Sr. Network Administrator
Omnipoint Technologies, Inc.
Received on 2000-06-08 18:38:55