Coda File System

Announcement: New version of Coda User and Sys.Admin manual available.

From: Adrian Pavlykevych <>
Date: 31 May 2000 19:12:55 -0400
Dear Coda users and admins!

After couple of weeks of merging, reformating and updating, there is new version of "Coda User and System Administrators Manual" available on Coda Web-site and in CVS.

The aim of this revision was mainly update documentation to reflect current state of Coda and remove missleading information. Reformatting into DocBook v3.1 was a side effect of that effort.

For those willing to enhance the manual, please fetch it from AnonCVS and post diffs of the SGML source to the list.

Corrections and style fixes are welcome in any form.

Have a nice day!

Adrian Pavlykevych
Visiting Scholar
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
Received on 2000-05-31 19:15:27