Coda File System


From: tholli <>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 13:19:09 +0200

I have been doing some performance checks on Coda comparing it with NFS
and Samba. My results are good specially I was impresed how fast Coda
could access the Cashe on the local disk.

It is allthough one thing bothering me.
When I open file for reading and writing (r+), read the whole file
without doing any changes Coda is much less efficient than the other
file systems.

I think that the reason is that Coda will contackt the server after the
raedings storing the whole file assuming that it was modified (this can
been seen with codacon). I am not quite sure but I thing the other file
systems detect that no changes has been made to the file limiting the
Server-Client communication.

If my idea is right, is there any good explanation of why it is so.


Received on 2000-05-22 08:25:43