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Re: coda limit

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 14:29:59 -0700 (PDT)
>What is the limit of coda ?
>I mean, how many HDs could coda handle ?

A coda server can serve files from an arbitrary number of partitions.
So you can use as many partitions (and thus HDs) as you need.  A
volume may not be split across partitions.  So, the number of HDs is
not an issue in large coda servers.

>And how many GBs of a volume/vice partition could coda handle ?

The real question is how much file space can a coda server actually
serve.  This is a hard question to answer, partly because we don't
really know the answers.  The "standard" formula is that you need a
RVM size of 4% of the total file space you serve.  For the coda
server, RVM holds the meta-data for coda (directories, attributes,
...), so the actual RVM usage really depends on the number of volumes,
the number of file and directory entries, the actual length of the
names and the number of ACL entries used.

So, for example, if your average file size was 1M, I'm sure you could
store a lot more data using the same size RVM than if your average
file size was 1k.  I hope to have some better answers to this before
the end of the summer.

The largest coda server in use that I know of is one with a 1G RVM and
a 20G partition for file storage.  It has not been stressed that much
yet.  (According to the formula, 1G RVM should be able to handle 25G
of file space.)

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