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RE: How fast is Coda filesystem?

From: Nicolas Huillard <>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 12:18:59 +0200
I think Coda is very well suited for that type of application (many read-only for small files : most files will be cahed lmocally and accessed through local disk).
Coda is said to be much faster than NFS, and I think this the typical case where the difference will be the most obvious (I cannot tell any numbers, though).

Nicolas Huillard

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De:	Juanma []
Date:	lundi 15 mai 2000 11:50
Objet:	How fast is Coda filesystem?

    Hi, my english is not very good. So I will try to explain the best I

    Should Coda be used in a Hi-Performance system like several apache
servers serving files stored in some Coda servers?

    With NFS it works fine, can Coda be better than NFS?

    Has Coda been developed only for office purposes?


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