Coda File System

Hoarding playground files gives permission denied

From: Brad Clements <>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 16:31:26 -0500
Sorry if this is an operator error. I went through the mailing list archives, 
but didn't see this mentioned.

I just got the coda client running on my RH 6x (kernel 2.2.12-20) 

I thought I'd try hoarding 


So I created a file that has this line:

a /coda/playground/Documents/coda-doc-4.6.5-3/doc/coda-doc-4.6.5/html 600:c+

When I run hoard against this file, as in

hoard -f test.hdb

I get 

> hoard -f test.hdb
pioctl:Add(7f000003, ./Documents/coda-doc-4.6.5-3/doc/coda-doc-
4.6.5/html, 600, 3, 500): Permission denied

Is the syntax wrong, or does uid 500 not have rights to hoard files?

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