Coda File System

Re: kerberos and coda problems

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 15:41:23 -0400
On Tue, May 09, 2000 at 12:04:52PM -0700, Chris Jantzen wrote:
> I have installed coda-5.3.7 on an SMP Linux 2.2.14 machine based on Red
> Hat 5.2 (originally, due for upgrade <sigh>). I am successfully running
> Kerberos 5 from the MIT distribution (1.1.1) elsewhere on the network
> (including on this host for rcmd-type stuff). Whenever I try to run kclog
> into the server running kauth2, I get "Invalid login (RPC2_NOBINDING
> (F))." as the error message. Tweaking the source to narrow down the error
> messages, it looks like the kclog client is getting out of sequence
> somehow in RPC2 negotiation; on the wire, I see INIT1SECURE go into the
> server, then INIT2 come out of the server and then the client just NAK's
> it every single time.

It would be interesting to see what the rpc2 stuff in kclog believes it
has received there. I don't know how simple it is to turn up rpc2
debugging from the command line, normally I run it from gdb

$ gdb ./kclog
gdb> break main
gdb> run
gdb> p RPC2_DebugLevel = 10
gdb> c

This should generate a whole lot of debugging output from which I can
hopefully figure out where it goes wrong.

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