Coda File System

Coda in a web-farm ?

From: Nicolas Huillard <>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 22:27:28 +0200
Can someone who have used Coda in a web-farm share some experience ?

What I plan to do is :
* many web server machines, sharing the same files to serve, on local disks (coda clients)
* these machines can also be FTP servers to upload pages/date to the HTTP servers
* two or more servers are coda file servers, to hold the data itself (can these coda servers be located on the same machines than the clients : can one machine be a coda server AND client ?)
* the database system (PostgreSQL) used by these web sites isn't designed for high availability : can it rely on Coda (tables are stored as files) to reliably restore the DB in case of the crash of the database machine (another machine can relay the first one in case of a crash)

All this might not be clear, but represents what is used to be called a "web-farm" :
* is Coda the right filesystem to use,
* will the performance be good (relative to ext2fs on Linux, or NFS, etc)
* is there any drawback in using Coda (on the PostgreSQL database point of view)
* what type of hardware will I need to throw on the problem (1 million pages served on the first stage, 10 M in a near future, and surely many more if everything is OK)


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