Coda File System

Re: Venus sleeps and dies, client-5.3.6-1, RH 6.2 (Update)

From: Karl G Scheidt <>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 14:47:16 -0400
OK, I configured a 5.3.6-1 server on a machine running RH 6.0 identical to the
server that I was having problems with on the RH 6.2 machine.  All of the clients
connect to that server with no problem, including clients installed on RH 6.2
machines.  So it is my thought that neither Coda server (5.3.6-1 or 5.3.5-1) likes
RH 6.2.

--Gus Scheidt
Received on 2000-04-21 14:46:59