Coda File System

Re: Production environment?

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 19:31:33 -0400
On Tue, Apr 18, 2000 at 07:02:26PM -0400, Chris Snyder wrote:
> How stable are the current Windows clients (both NT and 9x)?  The servers
> are currently WinNT machines (though I hope to switch to Linux, and Coda is
> one of the steps involved), and the clients are 9x and 2000 machines.
> Sluggishness isn't a problem, since there are only a few users (me and two
> other employees).  Also, if it crashes a bit, that's fine, as long as no
> data is lost.

Some programs are non-functional (f.i. clog), and the system repeatedly
crashes hard due to as yet unfound Coda kernel problems.

There are also several unresolved issues surrounding the cachemanager
unlinking cached files while they are accessed by the kernel. On Unix
this is not a problem at all, but Windows accesses files not by inode
but on the basis of the path leading to the file.

Not surprisingly, the Windows kernel doesn't like to be working with a
file that is being yanked away. It will be some time before we get it
all working correctly.

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