Coda File System

Re: rvm_init fails

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 12:45:55 -0500
On Fri, Mar 31, 2000 at 06:15:01PM +0100, Dr A V Le Blanc wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 31, 2000 at 04:12:45PM +0100, Dr A V Le Blanc wrote:
> > After compiling coda-5.3.6 and all its bits, I have tried
> > to start things off, but startserver fails.  The SrvErr file
> > reads:
> > 
> >      Assertion failed: 0, file "", line 1804
> ...
> > And the SrvLog:
> ...
> >      open_log failed.
> >      do_rvm_options failed
> >      15:56:20 rvm_init failed RVM_ELOG_VERSION_SKEW
> Someone suggested that I try the change to vice-setup-rvm
> which appears to have fixed the Red Hat 6.1 problem.
> I have done so, but it does not help.

Ok, I don't know why there is a version skew but because the log is
nothing more than a log, it really is the data we care about, so there
is a way to `upgrade'.

I'll first explain where I'm trying to get to,

First make sure you create a backup copy of both the RVM log and the
data in case anything goes wrong!

We use the old `rvmutl' which should be able to access the old log
format to make sure all pending modifications are committed to the rvm
data (they should be, but you never know). Then the log can be recreated
with the new rvmutl.

Here we go,

# cp <rvmlog> rvmlog.backup
# cp <rvmdata> rvmdata.backup
# rvmutl.old <rvmlog>
* status
 log empty:             true
* q

( That was the optimistic case ;)

# rvmutl <rvmlog>
* status
 log empty:             false
* recover        (or recover <rvmdata> I'm not sure, manpage is unclear)
* q

( now we destroy the old log and recreate a new one. )
# rm <rvmlog>
* i <rvmlog> 2M
* q

At this point we should have a useable log again.

Received on 2000-03-31 12:46:58