Coda File System

can't we store database under coda?

From: Madhav <>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 19:19:10 +0530

1.Today I was trying to install postgressql under my coda. I created a user
postgres and gave all permissions to it on a directory /coda/db, which I
mounted for the volume dbvol, which I created under E0000104(replicated
When I gave the initdb command, which is trying to write something or wiping
out, coda kept giving  the following message continuously.
"No psedo device in upcall comms at d00626a0".
In the venus log it gave the following message.
"fatal error -- fsobj::discarddta:writing:executing"
"Recovery terminated:dirty shutdown 1uncommitted transaction "
I rebooted the SCM(this is where I installed pgsql). Then coda is mounted
normally and
to my surprise under /coda/db pgsql created many files. So I tried creating
a table. It also went fine.
I will be able to run pgsql only if "initdb" goes through successfully. Can
anyone tell me whether
anyone tried this and if so please tell me how to get out of this?

2. Under coda I mounted a directory htttp for the replicated volume httpvol
"cfs mkm /coda/http httpvol". Later I unmounted it using "cfs rmm
When I tried to mount the httpvol as /coda/http I got a message saying file
already exists. But
when I "ls", I do not see any file. Can't we do like this(remounting with
old name after cfs rmm).
But I was able to mount with some other name.

Thanks in advance,
Received on 2000-03-30 09:01:36