Coda File System

server going into zombie whenever ls is requested in coda after mounting a new volume

From: Madhav <>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 18:37:31 +0530
I've reinstalled my server with smaller vicepa partition. Now I am not
getting the error "rds_load_heap error RVM_EINTERNAL". Thanks very much.
Now I am getting this message that server went into zombie whenever I cfs
makemount a new volume under /coda. That to only if I request a ls or any
other command but not dir. How long will it take for the servers to update
their database?. Is there any way i can force it to do it immediately?. Is
this the real reason for the server to go into zombie or may be another one?
Actually I did like this. I am testing replication FYI.
# createvol_rep mirrvol E0000104 /vicepa        ------in the scm.
it gave message that VLDB completed.
before this i gave the following entries in /vice/db/VSGDB  in scm
E0000100    server1
E0000101    server3
E0000104    server1     server3
-server1 is my scm.   then I gave
[/root]# cfs mkm /coda/replicated mirrvol  ------in the client. it was also
[/coda]# dir
replicated     test     test2
[/coda]# ls

here both the servers went into zombie state but the clients are still up.
can anyone help me. I am using coda 5.3.4 on RH 6.1 distro.

Thanks in advance,
Received on 2000-03-24 10:42:02