Coda File System

"rds_load_heap error RVM_EINTERNAL " in non-scm server

From: Madhav <>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 19:24:02 +0530

My coda server with two clients is running well. I've installed another coda
server in another machine(so non-scm). There I am always getting this error
in my second server(non-scm). Here is my SrvLog. Can anyone tell me how to
get out of this? Here are the other details. In this machine we used flat
files for RVM data and log. Only for vicepa we used a raw partition. Can
this be the cause?

18:19:33 New SrvLog started at Wed Mar 22 18:19:33 2000
18:19:33 Resource limit on data size are set to 2147483647
18:19:33 Server etext 0x80ff76a, edata 0x81384fc
18:19:33 RvmType is Rvm
18:19:33 Main process doing a LWP_Init()
18:19:33 Main thread just did a RVM_SET_THREAD_DATA
18:19:33 Setting Rvm Truncate threshhold to 5.
Error rvm_load_segment returns 201
18:19:34 rds_load_heap error RVM_EINTERNAL

Thanks in advance,
Received on 2000-03-22 08:54:36