Coda File System

changing the hostname

From: <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 16:38:48 -0000

I've done something that one probably shoudn't do: I changed 
the IP addresses and the hostnames of my 2 client / 2 server 
Coda system. (Even without stopping Coda ...)

After that, I searched for all occurances of the old hostnames
in the server's /vice directory and replaced it with the new
ones. After a reboot, both servers seemed to work fine again.

But when I try to connect a Venus client to the servers,
my SCM shows the following in SrvLog:

16:05:43 Building callback conn.
16:05:43 RevokeWBPermit on conn 3d4b3ce6 returned -2016
16:05:43 No idle WriteBack conns, building new one
16:05:43 Writeback message to port 2430 on conn be3dff3 succeeded
16:05:43 RevokeWBPermit on conn be3dff3 returned 0
16:05:43 GetVolObj: VGetVolume(7f000000) error 103
16:05:43 GrabFsObj, GetVolObj error Volume not online
16:14:53 Callback failed RPC2_DEAD (F) for ws, port 2430
16:14:53 Unbinding RPC2 connection 246619797
16:14:53 Unbinding RPC2 connection 524715602

Venus seems to be alright, it shows the same output as
if it was running correctly but exits after showing 
"Venus now started". Obviously /coda was not mounted

Does anyone know what I missed or what the problem might
be? (See the "Volume not online" message.)

Or should I delete my volumes and recreate them all?
(I've got one non-replicated volume and one replicated

Received on 2000-03-15 11:48:02