Coda File System

still "Cannot get port from rpc2portmap; exiting"

From: Madhav <>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 18:05:29 +0530
I am very sorry that I am giving such a big mail with only queries. But I am
stuck here not able to move on. kindly excuse me.

I have checked the portmaplog as suggested by Clement. It doen't have
anything.And I am using coda 5.3.5-1, the latest available from the site.I
am only using createvol_rep command. In coda 5.3.5-1 the createvol is not
available I guess.

BTW what is meant by the raw partition??. This is supposed to be used for
RVM log and data I guess. But I used the normal partition like /dev/hda11
and /dev/hda12 for this purpose. And I changed the /etc/fstab so that these
two won't be fscked while bootup.

what does the program updatefetch do??
My /vice/vol/Volumelist contains the following funny things.
P/vicepa Hserver1 T5d700 F5c6bb
Wrootvol.0 I1000001 H1 P/vicepa m0 M0 U2 W1000001 C38cc8385 D38cc8385 B0 A0
Does this mean any thing to updatefetch?

And I hand-edited my /vice/vol/VRList to have the following as suggested by
Jan Harkes.
"rootvol 7F000000 1 1000001 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 E0000100"

The "volutil makevrdb /vice/vol/VRList" was giving the VRDB completed
message. But I am failing only at the last step in codaserver installation,
i.e bldvldb is failing. It is giving the following message
[root_at_server1 /root]#
 Fetching /vice/vol/Volumelist from server1
 Cannot get port from rpc2portmap; exiting
 Trouble getting new list for server server1
 cat: *.list: No such file or directory
 V_BindToServer: binding to host server1
 VolMakeVLDB failed with Unknown RPC2 return code 102
I am actually thinking of re-doing the whole vice-setup again after
formatting the two partitions, RVM data and log if nothing works out till

Thanks in advance,
Received on 2000-03-13 07:35:41