Coda File System

some questions

From: August Hörandl <>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 23:57:10 +0100
I am a teacher in a technical high school in vienna, austria

We are considering coda and linux. We have got about 1500 pupils
and 200 teachers working on about 170 workstations

I would like to use coda for the home dirs and most of the
programs (/usr and /opt); the server to be is a piii 450 with
256mb ram and fast disks (~ 30 GB)

- rvm: this should be 4% of total data area - but the biggest
  choice offered is 315M which is good for 8GB Data 
  any ideas for 30G ?
  or should i get a farm of "little" servers ?

- if i create the volumes on one server first, is there
  a possibility to replicate them as soon i get more servers ?

- the 1700 users are organised in 5 big sections (different
  types of education, teachers and school administration) 
  the pupils are grouped into classes with about 25 pupils each

  any ideas how to organise the volumes ? i have all the user data
  in a database and want to create all the useraccounts and volumes
  in a batch job - so complicated directory structures should be 
  no problem

Any Ideas ?

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