Coda File System

Re: transitioning to kerberos

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 18:52:59 -0500
On Sun, Mar 05, 2000 at 08:08:37PM -0500, Laszlo Vecsey wrote:
> Quick question, do I need to recompile the coda server for kerberos
> support to work, or just the client (venus) and generate kclog?

Only clog and auth2 need to be rebuilt, (as kclog and kauth2). Only the
user identification between clog and auth2 is kerberized, the venus -
server connections are still authenticated/encoded using the secret in
the coda token that (k)auth2 returns.

> Also does anyone have a login or radius program which will inject kerberos
> principles into the database, as a method of converting from /etc/shadow?
> I checked the Kerberos FAQ and it says there isnt one publicly available..

I don't know about that one.

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