Coda File System

filcon and Coda ports

From: <>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 15:28:04 -0000

for some video streaming testing I'd like to limit
the speed between my Coda servers and clients. I think
"filcon slow ..." is the right tool for that. According to 
the documentation, I have to use port 1363 for the client
and 1361 for the server. 

These ports seem not to work, I always get a 
"Can't bind: RPC2_NOBINDING". 

I can however bind to port 2430 for the client and 2432 
for the servers. Are these the right ones for that purpose?

And if I use these ports I don't really see change in Coda
speed down to about 600,000 bits per second. With 500,000
bits per second, data transfer from server to client is
suddenly very much slower (perhaps by a factor 50).
Can you explain this or is it connected to the port problem?

Received on 2000-03-06 12:26:33