Coda File System

diskless coda client

From: Laszlo Vecsey <>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 07:09:46 -0500 (EST)
I've tried running venus with '-rvmt 3' as was suggested on this list for
a diskless coda client machine, but it causes venus to die with an error
I've pasted below. This is with glibc and a Linux 2.2.14 kernel, coda

I'm actually posting this from a diskless coda client, its working fine to
a small /ram disk constructed with venus-setup at boot time, and -init to

The next thing I'm working on is chroot'ing into the /coda partition, but
I've run into a problem. 'mknod' files don't appear on it, and so I'm at a
loss as to what to do with the devices in /dev. I thought of mounting
another ram drive as /dev, but in order to do that I need access to a
/dev/ram device first! Chicken egg problem, again.

I'd like to eliminate NFS as much as possible.. for the running system.
Received on 2000-03-05 22:24:29