Coda File System

rpc2 ctest

From: Sean MacLennan <>
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 18:20:03 -0500 (EST)
Anybody know what the arguments are supposed to be to the ctest
provided in the coda rpc2 directory?

I tried the following:

	Debug level? 9
	[18:15:41]Main Process: "rpc2b.c", line 93:    RPC2_Init()
	[18:15:41]Main Process: "multi3.c", line 91:    In rpc2_InitMgrp()
	[18:15:41]Main Process: "sftp1.c", line 107:    SFTP_Init()
	SocketListener started
	SocketListener back
	Port number? 1036
	Side Effect Type (0 or 1189)? 0
	Security [98(OK), 12(AO), 73(HO), 66(S)]? 98
	Identity [.]?

Any ideas?

Received on 2000-03-05 18:14:19